ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION AND CRIME are interrelated issues that must be addressed creatively and holistically. ?If our city and neighborhoods are to move forward, we must connect the dots between these by bringing innovation, technology and capital to the table.


  • At 24%, Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate of any major city. ?The key to strengthening our city is to shore up and expand the middle-class. ?It has been shown (Jeremy Nowak, The Reinvestment Fund) that higher test scores leads to and increase in housing values. ?And we all know that education is the single greatest predictor of economic success.
  • Support start-up businesses and assure that minority and women-owned businesses get their fair share of city contracts. ?Particularly support the creation of more co-op businesses (worker-owned or consumer) as they are more likely to remain in the neighborhood and become anchors in local business corridors.
  • End costly practices that limit local businesses? competitive advantage. ?Support proposals like the Green-Sanchez bill in Council that eliminate the net profits tax and exempt the first $100,000 of gross receipts from taxation.
  • Strengthen neighborhood business corridors. ?Penalize owners of vacant properties or land.
  • Leverage local incentives for economic development with state and federal funding opportunities. ?Cindy is particularly well-positioned to do this given her current experience with a Congressional office and past experience in a State Senate office.
  • Green technology businesses must expand. ??Support more Transit-oriented-design.
  • Affordable housing opportunities must be varied. ?Need more quality rentals. ?Support more co-operatively owned apartments, including limited equity co-ops. ?This will not only be attractive for low-income families but also for empty-nesters and seniors.


  • Create more partnerships with local colleges and universities in the district.
  • Promote partnerships with the private sector and greater utilization of volunteers.
  • The School District must consult community stakeholders before any final school closure decisions are made. ?Cindy will convene and facilitate this critical discussion.
  • As Councilperson, Cindy will execute greater oversight of the School District budget to assure that all possible efficiencies and savings are implemented before she considers devoting more of the property tax to the District.


  • Reduction of crime is an economic development issue. ?It is cheaper to invest in education that incarceration.
  • There needs to be a better response to complaints of police misconduct. ?Anonymous complaints need to be taken if requested. ?Support the creation of a truly independent Police Advisory Commission.
  • Support a bond issue to invest in social capital to fund public safety initiatives, youth unemployment, college tuition assistance and community economic development.
  • We must change the culture of violence in speech and behavior. ?Cindy will work closely with religious and community groups as this is a moral and survival crisis, particularly as it impacts young men of color.


  • Be accessible and transparent;
  • Provide excellent constituent services;
  • Assure that all stakeholders are at the table before any public school closure decisions are made;
  • Support tax policies for local businesses that are fair and that encourage new start-ups, particularly green technology businesses;
  • Support creative initiatives that invest funds in social capital to fund public safety, youth unemployment, college tuition assistance and community economic development programs;
  • Leverage local funding with state and federal revenues and support more public-private partnerships to improve our schools and neighborhoods.

Cindy bass will utilize the vast resources found in the 8th council district to improve our neighborhoods and quality of life. ??She is a strong believer in the collaborative process and will consult regularly with residents and leaders in district through local Town Meetings and the establishment of a district office.

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